How to prepare for NEET

How to prepare for NEET becomes the most talked about topic for students looking forward to paving their career path in the medical line.

As students, we are always in search of more knowledge and tips for NEET preparation.

Now, this happens because our mindset is somewhere set to the ideology of more the knowledge, higher the chances of cracking NEET.

But this is all justified because NEET isn't just an exam but it's the way to the dreams, it's an emotion for students who sacrifice their night sleep, their comfort, their school bunks, their parties, and a lot more.

There's yet another aspect to look at NEET. It's a battleground where knowledge is the armor a student carries.

So, students really don't mind even if Harry Potter comes and tell them some magic spell on how to crack NEET.

Also, there's no secret mantra to crack NEET. Just the right amount of hard work and the balance amount of study material with some expert guidance. Sounds too common, right!

But this is the basic foundation to your NEET exam rest for the complete strategy on how to crack NEET, here we have a detailed guide on the preparation tips and steps.

Have thorough understanding of the entire NEET syllabus

Undoubtedly, NEET syllabus is a complete ocean and it's just too vast. Here we aren't advising you to study the entire syllabus but you should know the entire syllabus and the topics should be on your finger tips.

This is because, with a clear understanding of the topics, you won't be able to formulate a strategy at all. Without knowing and understanding the topics of the syllabus, you won't be able to classify and decide which topic needs your attention the most and which needs the least.

So, start this way. Just jot down the entire syllabus on a big piece of paper and keep on check marking the ones on which you have a hold and leave the ones which need your attention. Now, this way, it will become easier for you to formulate your futuristic study plan and to know the status of your knowledge.

Analyze previous years question papers to get to some interpretation.

Analysis of previous years questions paper will give you a clear insight on what's important as for the NEET exam and what's less important. Remember, everything is important and by analysis of question paper, you'll categorize the topics into important and less important. Also, by analysis of previous years NEET question papers, you'll understand the pattern of question and they can prepare accordingly.

Get expert and limited guidance

Getting expert guidance is justified but limited guidance?

When you prepare for NEET, people all around the world will come up with their knowledge base to guide you on how to study, what to study, what to eat, what not and a lot more.

You'll be listening to a lot of NEET toppers interview where they will share with you their preparations tips and strategies. So, if you look for guidance there will be a plethora of people in your family, friends, school, coaching and on the web who will take this pain. However, ultimately you'll be left confused and there will be a huge mess in your brain which will become difficult to clear.

So, it's better to limit the guidance and stick to only the experts, trainers and experienced ones to guide you.

Choose study material wisely

Study material for NEET has become a giant industry. There are thousands of books, a variety of notes and video lectures scattered all over the market and web place. So, if you don't choose your study material wisely then you will end up in this industrial trap.

You have to know that there's nothing better than NCERTs and these are first and foremost. So, when you clear your concepts with the NCERTs then you can move ahead with your coaching notes. By a thorough understanding of these two, you'll get at least 70% of the knowledge. For the rest 30%, ask your teachers to guide you on which books to use as reference and which book to study as a Bible.

Like for physics, you should for Concepts of Physics by HC. Verma, The Feynman Lecture on Physics. For chemistry, you should refer Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations – R. C. Mukherjee, Physical Chemistry for Medical Entrance by OP Tandon. For biology, you can refer, Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume – I and Volume – II, Books by T.L Rayar and more.

Mock tests, mock tests and mock tests!

Now when you have clear understanding of syllabus, topics and even have the right books then it's right time for the reality check, yes, it's mock test!

A mock test will let you evaluate your preparations. You will get to know the areas to work on and will get versed with the online examination pattern of NEET as well.

By giving multiple mock tests, you will learn to handle the time pressure and exam pressure. Then, you'll also get a clear insight into how cramming is going to help you in the real exam scenario. Also, you will be able to formulate a better strategy for preparation so, mock tests are a must!

Don't take your health for granted

Students dream of cracking the NEET exam in one go and for this, they readily give up on everything right from health to sleep. But should it be this way?

How can a doctor takes his/her health for granted! While you are preparing for an exam, you have to keep yourself all geared up to work hard but you should also find your quality time for yourself to relax and to tackle the exam stress.

Then the right amount of sleep is the magic spell you can cast on your brain to get the most out of your strategy. So, don't follow the crowd who say that they have studied only for 5-6 hours a day to in to crack the exam. Just find quality time, find quality sleep and you will crack it in a go!

Wrapping up!

So, this was all from our side on how to prepare for NEET exam. We hope that with our expert's tips, you'll surely crack your NEET exam in on go. People say it's difficult but trust us, it isn't. You simply need the best molecule of hard work, study material, and guidance and you are all set to expel it!

You can trust us with each word as it is an output of hourly research, exhaustive and tiring chat with the experts and our own experience. So, with us, you are all bulletproof!

We believe in you so, it’s your time to conquer your dream of cracking NEET.

Thanks for reading.